Anoka Ice Arena


1. How was your business started?

The Anoka Area Ice Arena Association started business in 1981 by the Anoka Area Hockey Association. There was a steering committee formed to explore the feasibility of an indoor ice arena for their association. The original building was built with volunteer labor and most materials were donated. The only part that was financed was the steal structure and the refrigeration plant. There was a pledge drive by the membership to cover all the other costs. Construction was started in July of 1981 and was completed in November of 1981.

2. Who started the business and why?

The Anoka Area Hockey Association did because it was determined by the feasibility study that they could support an Indoor Ice Arena.

3. Was this the first and last location of your business or were there more?

There were several other locations considered. The actual location was chosen because of its central location is the communities that the arena would serve.

4. What are some of the changes that have made your business grow?

Added a second sheet when the needs of the Association grew. Added artificial turf to run indoor soccer programs when hockey was not in season. Added a Pro Shop to service needs of customers.

5. What were some of the big successes and failures in the business history?

Being able to be debt free in 3 years as well as provide a service to the community and be totally self supportive. No tax dollars have ever been put into the building. Able to add a second sheet of ice after 10 years of business. Always has been a demand for the service we provide so there hasn’t been any significant failures.

6. How did these effect your business?

The successes gave us an opportunity to expand and serve the Hockey Community as they grew.

7. What are some of the dates important to the business’ history?

Dates opened 11/22/81
Paid off 03/83
Added on 12/14/91
Indoor Soccer 03/93

8. What are some of the improvements in the company’s history?

Added second sheet of ice, added meeting rooms, pro-shop and locker rooms.

9. Who are the most important people in this company and what did they do to become that way?

An elected Board of Directors provides leadership and strategic direction to the Arena based on the Arena's mission. The Anoka Area Ice Arena Board of Directors operates from a governance position, with a distinct focus on the direction and growth of the Arena in partnership with the staff. All paid staff is very important because they reflect the success and image of the company.